Ebook & Print (POD) Formatting

Ebook Formatting & Publishing

I will help you set up an account with Smashwords and Amazon KDP or just Amazon KDP Select. Smashwords distributes to Sony, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Diesel, Page Foundry, and Baker & Taylor, making your book available in formats for all ereaders, andoids and tablets. Amazon makes it available only for Kindle. However, Amazon is by far the largest sales venue for most people.

Please Note: Only the initial account setup and uploading is included in the price. I will provide followup maintenance for an additional fee, per my Pricing Chart.

When will readers actually be able to purchase my book online? The Kindle version of your book will be available on Amazon.com the following day and in all the countries they service within a week or so. If you also publish through Smashwords, every eformat version of your book (Kindle, Nook/iPad, PDF, etc.) will be available through Smashwords the same day we publish it. After your book is accepted into the Smashwords Premium Catalogue (about a week after publication), Smashwords distributes it to the various vendors (Apple, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and others) within a few days. Within a week or two of publication at Amazon and/or Smashwords, readers will be able to purchase your book in about one hundred markets worldwide.

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POD Formatting & Publishing

I will help you set up an account with CreateSpace, and then I will prepare your EDITED Word .doc and submit it to CreateSpace for print-on-demand publishing. Since I am working with CreateSpace, your ISBN is provided at no additional cost.

Your book is then listed on Amazon and is made available to other sites and bookstores through listing in the Ingram catalog.

When the review period is over and the galley proof is available you will be able to order one print copy for your personal review. I’ll send you an article on how to review your proof. When you approve the proof you can then set the price and input your banking information so that any royalties go directly into your account.

You retain complete control and rights to your book, and you can order copies for yourself at a cost that usually falls between $2 and $8 per book, depending on size.

Please Note: My fee includes one author-mandated revision to the original file. All other revisions are an additional $20 each, payable in advance. The fee for adding material not include in the original files will be figured on an individual basis.

Also, as before, only the initial account setup and uploading is included in the price. I will provide followup maintenance for an additional fee, per my Pricing Chart.

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Save! Ebook and POD for the Same Manuscript

POD and ebooks require different formatting. I prefer to do the POD first to give you a chance for a hands-on review of your book. Once you approve your proof copy I will begin formatting for your ebooks. The cover requirements are similar, so I will only design one cover file per manuscript. Of course, the POD cover will have a front, back, and spine (if the length of book accommodates a spine). Ebooks are front only.


Poetry, nonfiction and other books that require special formatting will be priced on an individual basis after consultation with the author.

The front cover will contain a photo (jpeg or tiff), provided by you, a cover tease provided by you, the title and author. The back will contain a brief description of the book and a short author bio and author photo provided by you. Brief reviews can also be included on the back cover if space allows. If your book is more than 60 pages I will be able to format a spine with title and author name.

If you don’t have any photos or artwork for your cover I can give you the names of websites for stock photos. Some can be downloaded free and some can be purchased.

You will receive a PDF file of your book that can be downloaded from most computers and shared with family and friends as you see fit. I will also send you the front and back cover as a jpeg file.

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Questions? Email me deboraklewis@yahoo.com. Please put “Manuscript Fee” in the subject line. I usually respond within 12 hours.

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