Dine in, delivery, or carry-out?

“Wow! What a great idea! And they all work well for everything from chop suey to pizza to gourmet meals.”

How many times have you come home from an exhausting day at work, opened the fridge, then picked up the phone. “Delivery, Please. Yeah. An extra-large super-supreme with the works.”

Twenty agonizing minutes later the doorbell rings. By now you’re stripped down to you comfy clothes, cold beverage of choice in hand.  You place your beverage on the table next to your recliner and hurry to the door.  You sniff the air as you accept the familiar cardboard box, then caress the lid with anticipation. “Thanks, man. Didn’t feel like drivin’ and didn’t have a thing in the house that looked appetizing.”

Back at your recliner, box in your lap, you caress the lid once more. A smile crosses your face as you lift the lid and breathe in the intoxicating aroma of melted mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, green bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, pickles (hey, you were the one that ordered and extra-large super-supreme with the works). Okay, you get the picture. But wait! Don’t you want a good book to read while you eat that pizza?

“A good book? Sounds like a great idea!”

Nothing on the shelf you haven’t read. Don’t feel like going to the library (your pizza would get cold). Go back to the title of this post.

“Dine in, delivery, or carry out? What? I thought we were talking about books!”

We are. Swivel that recliner so you’re facing your computer. Now, go to smashwords.com and type in the type of toppings… I mean… genre you prefer.  Check out those reviews! Check out that cover! Check out the cover tease!

“Wow! Look at that! Just the kind of book I’ve been searchin’ for!”

Now, if you want it as a side with your pizza just have it delivered. Yes, you heard me. And it will take less time to get there than the pizza. Under a minute. I can see by the look on your face you don’t believe me. Try it. Push the button that says deliver to my kindle (or another eReader, your PC or Mac). Take a deep breath. Now read!

“Wow! There it is! That was easy!”

Try it again. Download a horror story, a magic realism, a western, or that romance novel you didn’t want your friends at work to know you wanted to read. Go on. You know you want to.

“But wait a minute. I saw your website. You promote POD.”

I promote reading. If you want it now, order an eBook. If you can wait a few days, order a Print On Demand and have it delivered to your door. There are a lot of independent authors out there who write a heck of a good story. Support them. Write a review for them. Visit their websites, blogs, and Facebook pages.

Dine in the next time you’re near a library. Pick-up the next time you’re near a bookstore. Or just have it delivered (as you sit with your piping hot pizza and cold beverage) by visiting smashwords.com or any number of other eReader friendly sites.

I see you’ve picked Caldera by Dan Baldwin. Good choice! I think you’ve got the hang of it! Mind if I have a slice of that pie? Okay, I know that look. I’ll let myself out.

‘Til next time,

(maybe we’ll do chop suey and a mystery)




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