Food for Thought

I’m sitting here with a large jug of mixed nuts. I have my favorites but, as with most other foods, I don’t discriminate. However, there are a few foods I avoid at all cost.

I’ve never been a fan of headcheese. Now don’t go thinking it’s a squeamish thing. At least not when I’m talking about good American cuisine. I love boiled pigs feet, cow tongue, and mountain oysters. The best part of a soft crab is the legs that temptingly splay or dangle, depending how I chose to order. I’ve eaten any edible part of a deer, squirrel, pheasant, elk, or anything else my father bagged. I don’t mind sushi, but like Alan Jackson I prefer mine southern fried.

I’ve never liked green olives. I don’t mind black if they’re battered and deep fried, or as a topping for pizza. I’ve tried to like the green ones. Stuffed with jalapéno. Stuffed with garlic. Stuffed with almonds. Nope. Just don’t like them and you can’t dress them up to suit me. I don’t throw them at the cook. I just move them to the side of my plate.

That’s my short list of foods I’d rather not see on my plate.

I’m sitting here with my kindle.(It goes well with nuts). I have a favorite genre, but I don’t discriminate. However, there are a few I avoid at all cost.

Okay, present tense is a style, but I don’t enjoy it. I have to push my way through anything written in present tense. It’s annoying. It’s not natural. And the few I have pushed through, well, the author slipped up and threw in a past tense and I ended up all over the place. Sometimes in the same sentence!

I don’t read many horror stories, or vampire, or paranormal. I have my nightmares for that and they sometimes work overtime as it is.

I do enjoy a little science fiction now and then. And classics. Jane Austin and Edith Wharton come to mind, but there are countless others I enjoy. I can lose myself in magic realism for an afternoon, or day, or week. Anyone who hasn’t read a classic or magic realism should give them a try.

If you’ve poked around my website you might have noticed that I mention westerns quite a bit. They are my favorite. There are modern day cowboy stories, romance westerns, historical westerns, and historical western romance to name a few sub-genres. I don’t read many modern day westerns, but I have read a few and enjoyed them. The historical westerns are at the top of my list. The Dan Baldwin books listed on my page are excellent examples of a good read and he has more in the works. I also enjoyed the Steve Dancy Tales by James D. Best. If you really have to have a little (or a lot) of romance I recommend Under the Desert Moon by Marsha Canham.

Okay. Why am I telling you this? Read! And if you have an eReader many of the books won’t cost you a dime. Amazon lists more free books every day—classics, westerns, romance, horror, paranormal, magic realism, children, young adult, and more. Free! Did I say free? Nada, zip, zilch!  Put down your remote. (How much is your cable bill?) Go to or and download some free entertainment for the whole family. If you’re not into classics, then try a book by an independent publisher. Save a trip to the library and never worry about late fees. Go ahead. Download a free book. When you find an author or genre you like, then take the plunge and buy a book. Don’t want to pull out that credit card over and over again? Join amazonPrime and for less than a month of cable you get a year of instant access to thousands of kindle books. Okay, you also get instant streaming of movies and TV shows and free two day shipping for all those amazon deals you keep finding, but don’t forget to read!

My favorite food? Bacon!

‘Til next time,

Happy reading




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