Arizona’s Natural Wonders

Arizona is chock-full of natural wonders and I’ll bet the first one to cross your mind is the Grand Canyon. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon. The last time I asked someone to take me I was told it was just a big hole in the ground, nothing more, no need to see it. I think that was my proverbial straw. That’s when I finally realized I’d dug myself a big hole, climbed in, and handed the shovel to the wrong person. I needed to find a way out of that big hole. I needed to breathe fresh air. I needed to see some of the natural wonders of Arizona whether others recognized their beauty or not. I wanted to be the beholder. I wanted a chance to form my own opinion.

Climbing out of that big hole wasn’t easy, but I’d done it before. It takes a lot of paper, one sheet on top of the other, but it works. Here’s how I did it. I started writing again. One page became twenty. Twenty became two hundred. I was closing in on two thousand pieces of paper before the air began to clear and breathing was, once again, a joy and not just a reflex.

I might not ever see the Grand Canyon, but I’ve seen quite a few of Arizona’s other natural wonders. They are the writers who call Arizona their home. I’ve seen, met, and read the writers of Arizona. I’ve been to the Wrangling With Writing conference, I’ve been to the SSA forum, and I’ve been to numerous Writing the Word seminars. I don’t think I could go anyplace else on earth and find anything more wondrous than the encouragement and knowledge these talented writers share with anyone who finds themselves in a big hole.

Still have that shovel handy? Find an enabler. Find someone who understands that a closed door, or crossed arms and furrowed brow while staring at a blank computer screen, means ‘Do Not Disturb’. An enabler will place a fresh cup of coffee on your desk and you won’t even know they’ve entered and exited the room. An enabler will read your rough draft, your second draft, your fifteenth edit and give an honest opinion in an encouraging manner.  An enabler will place a pen in your briefcase and plant a kiss on your cheek as you go out into the big, wide world to your first, second, fifteenth seminar or conference. An enabler will put that shovel in the shed, or use it to prop the refrigerator door shut because they understand why you don’t have time to fix it.

Enjoy Arizona’s natural wonders. Read local!

I can’t end this way! I haven’t mentioned my favorite topic(besides reading). Another Arizona wonder: The chimicanga!

Happy reading, eating, and WRITING!




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