Cover Design

An attractive, attention-grabbing cover is the best draw for your book.

A cover is required for inclusion in the Smashwords Premium Catalog, and Apple, Amazon, and other vendors tout an attention-grabbing, attractive professional book cover as the best way to draw potential readers to your book.

Note: A front cover, back cover and spine are required for Createspace (POD).

Cover for Ebook (or *Spine & Back Only for Print Book)

  • *You must provide the print-ready front cover if we’re doing spine and back only
  • Title text, author, cover tease
  • On any approved cover photo
Full Cover for Print Book (for CreateSpace)

  • Includes ebook cover
  • Title text, author, tease on front
  • Title text, author on spine (Must be at least 131 pages for spine text)
  • Description, reviews, author bio and picture on the back
  • All text is provided by the author
  • I determine how many reviews to use depending on space


  1. I will provide you with two covers for ebooks: one for submission to Amazon and other venues at 2000 x 3000 pixels and a thumbnail pic for use on your website (or wherever) at 200 x 300.
  2. I will provide you with one cover for print books: .jpg format created at 325 DPI and correctly sized for your trim size, page count and page color (white or cream). A PDF is available upon request.
  3. Any photos you provide must be in .jpg format and at least 300 DPI for best quality. Important: by sending the photo to me and authorizing me to use it to create your book cover , you are affirming that you either own the photo or you own the necessary rights to use it. (I will not work with public domain photos, so please don’t ask.) You retain all rights to your photos and to the cover I create from your photo or part of your photo. I suggest you provide me with a sample of the photo or the stock # so I can view it before purchase. I can purchase the photo for you, but the cost of the photo will be added to the cover fee.
  4. Of necessity, I reserve the right to refuse any job for any reason.

Here are some of the ebook covers I’ve designed:

secrets-lies-and-deception-cover-pix midnight-mysteries-2-ecover Caldera book I snake ebook eyes-of-the-stalker 2015.9.10 Quantum Kill ebook
Breaking Free ebook front Dark Manna ebook Lim Couch ebook High Meadow Ranch front
Passing Strange ebook surpassing-strange-ecover Love's Dream Song ebook HickoryHillPastandPresent ebook The Lovely Knight ebook blue
Six Months Proposal epub cover Pendulum ebook Country Vet front POD

Here are some of the print book covers I’ve designed:

Vanity Killed no reflection complete Taking Names Gray complete 2014.11.15 Sweetie complete the-big-sister-niteclub
Bocks Canyon purple complete utng-complete-pod Never to Love complete AWBW complete POD
Management to Leadership complete hyperventilated-complete-pod abcs-full-cover old-dogs
2015.2.23 Signs of Life complete POD Something Old complete wildflower-4

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