Pricing Chart

Fiction, non-fiction, memoir to 40,000 words (includes TOC or not)
Fiction, non-fiction, memoir to 60,000 words (includes TOC or not)
Fiction, non-fiction, memoir to 80,000 words (includes TOC or not)
Fiction, non-fiction, memoir over 80,000 words (includes TOC or not)
Cover (for POD includes front, back and spine; for ebook, front only)
Cover (back and spine only; you provide full front cover)


Poetry, nonfiction and other books that require special formatting will be priced on an individual basis.

The front cover will contain a photo (jpeg or tiff), provided by you, a cover tease provided by you, the title and author. The back will contain a brief description of the book and a short author bio and author photo provided by you. Brief reviews can also be included on the back cover if space allows. If your book is more than 131 pages I will be able to format a spine with title and author name.

If you don’t have any photos or artwork for your cover I can give you the names of websites for stock photos. Some can be downloaded free and some can be purchased.

*I can do 10,000 to 18,000 words, however, CreateSpace sets a minimum price of around $3.60 for a 10,000 word book (not including the front matter and author bio that I will add). At 11,000 words the minimum is $3.59. If you price your book at $3.99, your royalty per book from Amazon would be around $0.24. Your royalty from CreateSpace would be around $1.04. Of course the price you set is always up to you as long as it’s above their minimum. How high you set the price is always up to you, but the reader is the one who decides whether the price is too high.

You will receive a PDF file of your book that can be downloaded from most computers and shared with family and friends as you see fit. I will also send you the front and back cover as a jpeg file.

Questions? Email me Please put “Manuscript Fee” in the subject line. I usually respond within 12 hours.

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